PIR Fabrication

Pre-Insulated Duct

It’s a solution to different systems focusing economical, technical, and constructive question.

Many different material and system such as composite, PVC, etc. had been developed as an alternative to the galvanized sheet metal used traditionally.

Pre-Insulated Duct is the solution. It is a sandwich panel composed of a layer base from good fire retardant rigid polyurethane foam covering both sides with aluminum foil.

The aluminium guarantees sturdiness and withstand corrosion in long term use.

Polyurethane pre-insulated duct has been developed and spread around the world. Its application has been gradually extended to all type of air distribution system such as industrial, commercial and civil.

Advantages of Pre – Insulated Ductwork

  • • Environmentally friendly, CFC / HCFC free
  • • Clean air: fibre-free insulation core
  • • Light weight: weighs 15% of sheet metal ducting
  • • Resistance to fungus growth
  • • Space saving: flush fitting installation possible
  • • All joints completely sealed from within glue and silicon confirms to DW 144 Class C Standards and SMACNA
  • • Water absorption : less than 0% during 24 hours immersion test
  • • Low thermal conductivity
  • • Energy savings: up to 20% annually
  • • Fast-track installation: rapid erection combined with single-fix installation
  • • Site fabrication capability
  • • No limit to duct sizes
  • • High-compressive strength
  • • High rigidity / integrity
  • • Base material is impermeable to moisture




Panel is cut by special cutting tools.

Adhesive is applied between the gaps of panel.

The Duct is carefully bending by special bending equipment.

Panel is folded to form of duct.

Aluminum tape is used to cover joints.

Sealant is applied at folding connection.

Flange is installed to the end of duct.

Two seperate ducts are jointed together.

A section of ducts complete and ready to be installed.