Grille & Slot and Linears

Double Deflection Grille - DDG

It is an aluminum grille with exceptional level of adjustability. Two banks of individually adjustable blades set at 90 degree to each other, held in place with high tensile spring wire

Single Deflection Grille - SDG & SDG-V

The perfect solution to your supply and extract ventilation needs, allowing adjustments of air throw in one direction.

Return Grille A - RG-AH(Hinged) & RG-A

A grille to which return air is extracted usually not provided with an adjustment for volume of airflow.

Supply Air Grille

A grille to which air is supplied to an air-conditioned space.

Door Grille - DG

A grille in a prepared door opening which allows air to pass through but restricts vision and acts as a partial barrier.

Curved Blade Grille - CG-2
Egg Crate Grille - EG & EG-H(Hinged)

Brings consistent high performance, their high free area able to handle huge air volumes with low minimal pressure drops and noise generation.

Round Egg Crate Grille - EG-R

This grille features attractive round design and superb performance characterize by low air resistance and low noise levels, this grille can be installed in ceiling on a wall or mounted or exposed duct work.

Egg Crate Core - EG-C
Linear Slot A - LS-A

This linear slot diffuser modern and flexible mode of air distribution, and this slot can from 1 to 12 slots.

Linear Grille - LG

Our most versatile grill system, series LG linear grills can be mounted in all settings and are recommended for both supply and extract application, further these are not recommended for areas where they may be subjected to loads or impacts, or where line of sight through the grille needs to be broken.

Round Linear Grille - LG-R

This type of grille are specially designed to match with interior decoration in the form of curvature.
Application: ceiling downward projection / sidewall outlet type air distribution