Rock Wool Insulation

Rockwool fibers are inorganic and composed mainly of silica and alumina, Rockwool is manufactured from various types of rock of predetermined chemical compositions which is melted at super high temperature in a technically advanced Cupola, The resulting molten alumino-silicate is drum spun at very high speed to produce “ROCK FIBRES” that are bonded together with a thermosetting resin and Additives.

The fibres are also sprayed with binder’s to make fibres retain its shape and prevent shrinkage during storage. The fibres are also impregnated with special additives to keep it water repellent.

Thermal conductivity is the main product feature of any thermal insulation. We at Thermal Insulation ensures the material goes through highest quality standards ,FRF Rockwool shows extremely low thermal conductivity values even at low densities due to its fibrous composition. As per ASTM C-335, ASTM C-177 / ASTM C-518, the coefficient of thermal conductivity shows the insulating capacity. Rockwool products offer extremely low thermal conductivity as tested in accordance with ASTM C -335 and ASTM C-177 /ASTM C-518 (ISO 8302 / ISO 8301) equivalent to BS – 874.